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... halfway between sparkling lake and infinite sky...‚Äč

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What our customers are saying

"I was able to see and photograph 21 bird species over the 2 day, 3 evenings I visited your vacation suite (and an American Blackbear, Mule Deer, endangered Nuttall Cottontail Rabbit and a Yellow-bellied Marmot! While bird watching I photographed: 

Lewis' Woodpecker, Turkey Vulture, Red-tailed Hawk (a family of Juveniles being taught to fly),Say's Phoebe (nesting in eaves of the little porch at the entrance of the Suite), Rock Wren - a Lifer for me (1st sighting and photos of this bird), Violet-Green Swallow, Western Bluebird (Nesting/actively feeding young in the box just Right of the Bench in Front of the Suite), American Robin, Bohemian Cedar Waxwing, Cassin's Finch, Pine Siskin, Spotted Towhee, Chukar, Anna's Hummingbird, Western Kingbird, Lazuli Bunting, American Goldfinch

House Finch, Northern Flicker, and a Catbird!

Once again I really enjoyed my stay! 

C.C. (avid birder)